Monday, 30 April 2018

Phantom Books !

Phantom Books are highly sought after and have some of the greatest sleazy crime covers you'll see in Digest book collecting .

They were published in the USA with a short run and also in Australia with a very large run. I will list the entire USA run below but the the Australian list will take way too long so will just list the ones I own.

Phantom Books USA

500 - Homicide Hotel - Joe Barry
501 - Kisses Can Kill - Donnell Carey
502 - The Deadly Lover - Robert O. Saber (Milton Ozaki)
503 - Married To Murder - Harry Whittington
504 - Love Me And Die - Day Keene (Lewis Dixon)
505 - Satan's Widow - Harry Whittington
506 - Crime On My Hands - Carl G. Hoges (Hodges)
507 - Hunt The Killer - Day Keene (Lewis Dixon)
508 - Swamp Kill (1952) - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)

Swamp Kill # 508
509 - Naked Fury - Day Keene (Lewis Dixon)
510 - Murder Doll (1952) - Robert O. Saber (Milton Ozaki)

Murder Doll # 510
511 - Violent Night - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)
512 - No Way Out - Robert O. Saber (Milton Ozaki)
513 - Wake Up To Murder - Day Keene (Lewis Dixon)

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Stork Novels !

Stork Books 

Only an eight book series with connections and reprinted titles to Croydon and Gem books. Always real nice artwork which makes it a collectable series to find. Published from 1950 onwards.

1 - Life Of Passion - Gordon Semple (William Arthur Neubauer)

Art by Fred Claude Rodewald

2 - Fool For Love - Wright Williams (Watkins E. Wright)
3 - Sinful Life - Glenn Watkins .
4 - Soul Of Passion - Richard Himmel

Alternate B/w cover 

Rear cover 'Soul Of Passion'

5 - Passionate Lover - Gail Jordan (Peggy Gaddis)

Art by Fred Claude Rodewald

6 - The Sins Of Donna Kenyon - Ralph Carter (William Arthur Neubauer)
7 - Raging Passions - Thomas Stone (Florence Stonebraker)
8 - Two Sinners - Lee Jackquin .

Art by L.B. Cole

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Novels Inc !

Novels Inc .

A short run Digest Book series of only 6 known titles. Published by PDC this seems to be the remains of the defunct Knickerbocker Novels romance series from the late 40's and early 50's .

Novels Inc. ran these titles in 1952 and always had some superb artwork.

1 - Made For Loving - William Arthur (Neubauer)

Art by Fred Claude Rodewald.

2 - Sinner In Gingham - Gail Jordan (Peggy Gaddis)

Art by Walter Popp

3 - Percentage Girl - Wright Williams .
4 - Come Sin With Me - Gail Jordan (Peggy Gaddis)
5 - ?
6 - ?
7 - ?
8 - ?
9 - Stag Stripper - Gene Harvey .

Stag Stripper # 9 - Art by Walter Popp

10 - The Tigress - John Saxon.

The Tigress # 10

Monday, 1 August 2016

Digest Covers meet Buffalo Bop !

The Buffalo Bop connection !               

Digest artwork has appeared on covers of Magazines, Posters, Postcards and now you can find them on CD compilation albums under the 'Buffalo Bop' titles.
Dee-Jay records were formed in Germany in 1978 and the Buffalo Bop CD series started in 1993. 
Not only Digest covers have been used but also plenty of JD and Pulp art has been borrowed to make startling and eye catching covers. See the link below for a full list with all the art .

These CD albums are crammed full of red hot Rockabilly and Wild Rock 'N' Roll and are highly sought after by collectors .

Now I know morally they are wrong to reprint the art without permission and I for one find it a little underhanded. But hey, it's great art and it fits in with style of the music so in the end it is the art that wins and people will love the music and the wonderful paintings.

Here are a twin covers for your delight.

Venus book 'No Time For Sleep' along side 'Trouble Doll'  Buffalo Bop -CD 55182 

Uni Book 'Mountain Woman' along side 'Rockabilly Boogie' Buffalo Bop -CD 55147

Carnival Book 'Girl Hungry' along side 'Steppin' Buffalo Bop -CD 55148

Carnival Book 'Farm Hussy' along side 'Rock-A-Billy Barnyard'  Buffalo Bop -CD 55171

Cameo Book 'Boarding House' along side 'Rockabilly Action'   Buffalo Bop -CD 55200

Carnival Book 'Boy-Chaser' along side 'Sugar Lamp' Buffalo Bop -CD 55061

Uni Book 'Hill Billy In High Heels' along side 'Rockabilly Wildfire' Buffalo Bop -CD 55186

Carnival Book 'Sinners Club' 
Cameo Book 'Shanty Boat Girl'
These two Digest covers above were also used in the Series but I do not own the books to compare .

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

World Distributors Ltd UK

World Distributors Ltd .                                                                                         During 1950 they were reprinting various Digest books from the USA . Publications like Quarter, Exotic and Ecstasy were finding their way across the pond and being published in paperback form for the book loving Brits .
The artwork never suffered and the books are beautiful and show some UK class with bright cover art and decent quality paper being used throughout .

They have no numbering system (no suprise for a UK publication) so I have placed them order as they were printed in the US (this might not be correct but it's the best I can do for now)

I have only been able to make the list due mainly to the adverts on the back covers of each edition which shows in each case three more titles that you could purchase by WDL .

Here we go and it's off to Manchester in the good ol' UK !

1 - Bed Time Girl - James Clayford - 1st published 'Quarter Book' # 19 - 1949.

Art by Fred Claude Rodewald

Bed Time Girl (Back cover)

2 - Unfaithful - Luther Gordon - 1st published 'Quarter Book' # 22

Art by Fred Rodewald

Back Cover 'Unfaithful' 
3 - Passion's Mistress - Luther Gordon - 1st published 'Quarter Book' # 24.
4 - Respectable Harlot - James Clayford - 1st published 'Quarter Book' # 26 .

Art by Fred Rodewald
Back Cover 'Respectable Harlot'
5 - Naughty Virgin - Luther Gordon - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #33
6 - Pleasure Girl - Luther Gordon - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #34.
7 - Ecstasy - Luther Gordon - 1st Published 'Quarter Book' # 35.

8 - Wolf Trap Blonde - 1st Published 'Quarter Book' # 38.

Art by George Gross

Wolf Trap Blonde (Back Cover)

9 - Frenchy - Harmon Bellamy - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #39.

Art by Bill Wenzel

Back cover 'Frenchy' 

10 - Vera Is A Tramp - Gerald Foster - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #43
11 - Call Girl - Gail Jordan - 1st published 'Quarter Book' # 46

12 - Sin Child - Norman Bligh - 1st pulished 'Quarter Book' #47
13 - Burlesque Queen - Russell Higgins - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #49
14 - Wild Passion - Watkins E. Wright - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #51 - 1949
15 - Pushover - Joan Sherman - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #59 - 1950

16 - Room And Dame - Gerald Foster - 1st published 'Quarter Book' #60

Back cover 'Room & Dame'
17 - Careless Virgin - James Clayford - 1st Published 'Astro Book' # 17 then 'Quarter Book' #61

Art by Fred Claude Rodewald

Back cover ' Careless Virgin'

18 - Buy My Love - Perry Lindsay - 1st Published 'Exotic' # 12/1949.

19 - Paula Has A Price - Perry Lindsay - 1st published 'Ecstasy' # 01/1950
20 - Passion's Slave - Gene Harvey - 1st published 'Exotic' # 02/1950
21 - Harlot In Her Heart - Norman Bligh - 'Ecsatsy' #03/1950.

Back Cover 'Harlot In Her Heart'
22 - Three Men And A Mistress - Florence Stonebraker - 1st published 'Exotic' 06/1950.

Art by George Gross

Back Cover '3 Men & A Mistress'
23 - Thrill Girl - Gene Harvey - 1st Published 'Exotic' 10/1950.

Thrill Girl - Art by George Gross

Thrill Girl - Back Cover - 1950

Well that's all the info I have so far . If you have anymore titles or any more info please let me know.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Digest Photo/Art Reference pictures !

These fantastic Digest books in most cases have exceptional cover artwork, but not all good artists use photo's for inspiration, some just used their imagination, others like you will see below used B/W professional model photo's to get the required image the book company had requested .

I have hunted through old Detective mags and the early digest pulps to find these images and then try and locate the cover where the image was finally used. Sometimes I see a photo and it can take me days to track that cover down, sometimes it drives me mad because I recognize the photo but just cannot find the digest cover it was published with.

These below are the ones I have located so far and where I can I will list the publication where the photo was found and the digest book in question.

1 - Quarter Book #79 

      Pin-Up girl B/W Photo taken from page 39 'Best True Fact Detective' Magazine from Story 'Hercules and The Pin-Up Girls' May 1952.

2 - Venus Book #154

B/W Female photo taken from back cover 'Farmer's Woman' - Venus Book # 172
Artwork by Raymond Johnson.

3 - Cameo #301 & Ecstasy #11

B/W photo taken from Quarter Book # 87 'Ticket To Passion' 

Same photo inspiration with guy lighting the ladies cigarette and in both cases she has control as she is holding his wrist. On the Cameo version she is a hot redhead and she has gone blonde bombshell on the Ecstasy edition.

4 - Croydon Book #41 

Inspiration B/W photo shows female model and the artist himself Bernard Safran pouring the young lady a drink !

5 - Quarter Book # 46 

B/W Pin-up photo taken from inside Ecstasy Novel 'Harlot In Her Heart' # 03/1950.

6 - Carnival Book # 909

Photo taken from back cover Venus Book # 158 'Girl On Parole'

7 - Exotic Novel # 1949/12

B/W Pin-up photo taken from inside pages of 'Paula Has A Price' Ecstasy novel # 01/1950

Art by Fred Claude Rodewald 

8 - Quarter Book # 88.

Photo found inside Venus Book #108 'Cutie' . Hair changed from brunette to blonde, her top from black to animal print (note her sleeve cuffs are diamond cut in both) and for added spice a bottle of booze in the artwork !

9 - Star Novel # 762 

B/W Photo taken from back cover 'Shanty Girl' Venus Book # 159

Artwork by Rudy Nappi 

10 - Quarter Book # 36

B/W Pin-up girl photo was inside 'Quarter Book' Frisco Dame # 80 .
Book cover art by Fred Claude Rodewald.

11 - Quarter Book # 22

Photo model shot taken from inside pages of 'Paula Has A Price' Ecstasy Novel # 01/1950 

Artwork by Fred Claude Rodewald

12 - Exotic Novel # 04/1949 

Photo of model leaning against wall is taken from inside Exotic Novel 04/1950 'Once There Was A Virgin' this was used as inspiration art for Fred Claude Rodewald and previously used on the first ever Exotic book cover 'Pay For My Kiss' .

13 - Ecstasy Novel # 01/1950 

The red hot smoking blonde photo found inside 'Detective Annual 1951' and proved to be another art inspiration for Fred Claude Rodewald and used on cover Ecstasy Novel 'Paula Has A Price'.

So there you go, sometimes even great artists just need a little inspiration, sometimes it is just a guide like the one directly above and other times an exact copy. More to follow as I match them up by flicking through countless early books and mags !