Saturday, 31 January 2015

Digest Art meets Phantom Books Australia !

Phantom books were printed in Australia from 1951 right up to 1959, they were Crime, Pulp, Sleaze and Murder mystery novels. The artwork was of better quality than the Star covers and some issues are highly prized when found in great condition.

Here are a few of the Phantom Books I own ( Not many as I stick to the US Digests) but they are cool and if I find a copy in good condition for a good price I snap em' up !

# 520 - 1953 

# 529 - 1953

# 530 - 1953

# 544 - 1953

# 578 - 1954
# 695 - 1956

Here I have listed Twins that I own only but there are many more twins that I am still searching for .


 Same cover , but I prefer the Phantom cover as it is not over powered by the title like the Falcon original !
Woman Hunter has been re-drawn with inspiration from the Falcon original !

Both copies of 'Evil Sleep' are highly prized and collectable, a key drug novel by Evan Hunter !

 Pretty good re-drawing of Howell Dodds 'The Long Night' on this Bryce Walton book 'Hate Killer'

Case of the Cancelled Redhead gets some truly great treatment here, The Falcon edition left is pure magic and the Phantom Book runs it a pretty close second !


In America she was a "Tramp" but in Australia just a "Deadly Lover"


 Two great books with the same cover only the title gets changed !


Same Kiss one for death the other of Fire ! in this case the Australian twin has been badly drawn !

The Rainbow edition the Vice- Cop is bare chested but on the Phantom Johnny Murdock has covered himself up with a pristine new white T-shirt ........must have got a bit chilly !

Other Phantom twins to be found are ;

Come Night, Come Desire (Rainbow)
Farewell To Passion (Original) - How Dead My Love (Phantom)
Sleep With The Devil (Original)
Dagger Of Flesh (Falcon)
Body & Passion (Original) - Dear Deadly Past (Phantom)
Gang Moll (Original)
Bedroom In Hell (Rainbow)

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