Monday, 1 August 2016

Digest Covers meet Buffalo Bop !

The Buffalo Bop connection !               

Digest artwork has appeared on covers of Magazines, Posters, Postcards and now you can find them on CD compilation albums under the 'Buffalo Bop' titles.
Dee-Jay records were formed in Germany in 1978 and the Buffalo Bop CD series started in 1993. 
Not only Digest covers have been used but also plenty of JD and Pulp art has been borrowed to make startling and eye catching covers. See the link below for a full list with all the art .

These CD albums are crammed full of red hot Rockabilly and Wild Rock 'N' Roll and are highly sought after by collectors .

Now I know morally they are wrong to reprint the art without permission and I for one find it a little underhanded. But hey, it's great art and it fits in with style of the music so in the end it is the art that wins and people will love the music and the wonderful paintings.

Here are a twin covers for your delight.

Venus book 'No Time For Sleep' along side 'Trouble Doll'  Buffalo Bop -CD 55182 

Uni Book 'Mountain Woman' along side 'Rockabilly Boogie' Buffalo Bop -CD 55147

Carnival Book 'Girl Hungry' along side 'Steppin' Buffalo Bop -CD 55148

Carnival Book 'Farm Hussy' along side 'Rock-A-Billy Barnyard'  Buffalo Bop -CD 55171

Cameo Book 'Boarding House' along side 'Rockabilly Action'   Buffalo Bop -CD 55200

Carnival Book 'Boy-Chaser' along side 'Sugar Lamp' Buffalo Bop -CD 55061

Uni Book 'Hill Billy In High Heels' along side 'Rockabilly Wildfire' Buffalo Bop -CD 55186

Carnival Book 'Sinners Club' 
Cameo Book 'Shanty Boat Girl'
These two Digest covers above were also used in the Series but I do not own the books to compare .