Friday, 11 September 2020

Harlequin Book meet Digest Art!

 Harlequin paperbacks published in Canada are quite a collectable series of books.

Top quality artwork, writers from Westerns to Sleaze.

But for a short while they were reprinting Phantom USA/AUS & USA Original digest books.

Here are a few twins that I've spotted.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Star Books!

 Star Books were published by Star Guidance and in all except two titles were known as a Cowboy/Wild western digest books.

Numbers 2 (Bachelor Bait) by Peggy Gaddis & 4 (seen below) are the only sleaze titles in the book run.

No 4 - Hell Cat! - Martin Gregor - 1950.

Hell Cat # 4

Back cover

Friday, 15 May 2020

Paladin Press UK

Paladin suspense mystery books were UK reprints of USA paperbacks & Digest books. They were sold under the banner 'Yankee Books American Thrillers' and were dated circa 1953/54.

And as usual with UK publications there are no numbers to be found so will list the titles as they were written in the inside pages.

I only own two titles but have added images to the list that was included in the pages of Mrs. Homicide & Wake Up To Murder!

1 - Mrs. Homicide - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt).

Art by Norman Saunders

2 - Wake Up To Murder (1952) - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)

Back cover

3 - Savage Love - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)
Art by Rudolph Belarski

4 - Married To Murder - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)

5 - Hunt The Killer - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
6 - Farewell To Passion - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
7 - Naked Fury - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
8 - Strange Witness - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
9 - Zip-Gun Angels - Albert L. Quandt
10 - Baby Sitter - Albert L. Quandt
11 - Violent Night - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)
12 - Slayride For A Lady - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

National Books !

National Books were published in Toledo, Ohio in 1950. I only have two copies and have seen another (but must be more) and they seem to reprint artwork from Stork Novels and Knickerbocker.
The cover art is very crude and all copies seem to have this polka dot background and the two that I own are produced on inferior paper.

Unfortunately there are no numbers to be found on any book and only a 1950 date in the 'Soul Of Passion' copy.

I have also added the covers they reprinted from the USA originals.

If any one has any more info on this book company then please let me know.

1 - Soul Of Passion - Richard Himmel
Soul Of Passion

Back cover

2 - Professional Glamour Girl - Gail Jordan (Peggy Gaddis)

Professional Glamour Girl

Back cover

3 - Torrid Love - Ralph Carter (William Arthur Neubauer)

Torrid Love (image found on the web)