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Twin Digest Covers !


Sometimes when looking for books on evil bay or other internet sites you see a digest cover and say to yourself  "I got that one" well I have and then realised it was the same cover but on a different book published by a different company, so now I always double check (excuse the pun).

There are loads of examples out there and I only have a few so will put up the twins I have and will leave you to find more out in the big wide world !

A lot of companies will use the same cover and title in 2nd/3rd editions but I will only show you the ones used by different publishers, sometimes with different titles & here we go lets see some twins !

1 - Two versions of 'Runaway Girl' by William Arnold the first published by 'Original Novels' # 724 and the other on 'Cameo Books' # 355. Artwork by Raymond Pease.

2 - The art by George Gross is the same but the publishers, Titles and Writers are not - 'A Lover For Anne' by Carnival Books # 906 & 'Backwoods Girl' by Venus Books # 168.

3 - This twin cover are both published by 'Cameo' but with two different titles and writers - 'Woman Of Passion' # 344 by Norman Bligh & 'Woman Of Fire' # 317 by Peggy Gaddis. 

4 - Two examples of George Gross art, same title but are by two different authors !! Passion Harvest by 'Carnival Books' is actually 'Woman Of Fire' (see #317 above) but with new title and the other by 'Cameo Books' is by Florence Stonebraker.

5 - The art is not credited but I believe it to be by Howell Dodd. 'Man-Hungry' by Carnival Books # 954 written by Mitchell Coleman (William Arthur Neubauer) and 'The Men She Knew' on Venus Books # 130 by Norman Bligh (also William Arthur Neubauer).

6 - Again it's two pieces of great art by George Gross placed with two different novel titles . The first 'Boy Madness' by Carnival Books # 932 by Ralph Douglas. The second 'Wayward Nymph' - Original Novels # 715 by Elisabeth Gill. The superb art has the girl looking very much like the famous Bettie Page !

7 - Lovely saucy art by Bernard Safran seen in double vision - Same title, same author but publishers have changed 'The Queer Sisters' by Steve Harragan,the one on the left by 'Stallion Books' # 206 and the right one by 'Uni Books' # 43 .

8 - This unknown art can be seen on these two beauties (and i'm talking about the books) the first is 'Pleasure Bound' by Cameo Books # 310 by Kermit Welles and the other 'Reckless' by James Clayford (Peggy Gaddis) on Venus Books # 113.

8.5 Now 2 becomes 4 above !

9 - Again it's art by Bernard Safran, both published by Croydon Books but this time one has been reversed . Different titles by different authors - 'Soldier's Girl' # 86 by Joan Sherman (Peggy Gaddis) and 'Confessions Of A Pick-Up Girl' # 56 by Sim Albert (Albert Simmons)

10 - This time the twin treatment is on the great Rudolph Belarski, the same novel 'Shanty Girl' by Joan Tucker (Peggy Gaddis) but on two different publishers . Cameo Books # 354 and Venus Books # 159.

11 - More superb art by George Gross, this triple collection shows one published by Exotic Novels and the other 2 by Cameo. The Exotic version is written by Norman Bligh and the two Cameo's are written by Gail Jordan (Peggy Gaddis) , the one on the far left is 'Once There Was A Virgin' in the center 'The Affairs Of A Country Girl' # 328. The right side copy is just 'Country Girl' # 341.

12 - This time it's great art by Lou Marchetti, both on Croydon Books, both the same novel and author (Gordon Semple) but the titles are slightly different, 'Career Of Sin' # 27 and 'The Story Of A Slum Girl's Career Of Sin' # 76 .

13 - Slight twist with this one, same unknown photo model with different drunk pose by two different publishers, 'Gin Wedding' by Ann Lawrence on Intimate Novels # 8 and 'Smuggled Sin' by Steve Harragan published by Stallion Books # 215.

14 - Now the great Rudy Nappi gets the twin look. 'She Had What It Takes' by Kermit Welles on Venus Books # 128 & 'Girl Of The Slums' by Raymond Blair Carnival Books # 914, two different novels, same art = twin !

15 - Here are two great and rare twin digests by artist George Gross, The original is the 'Falcon' version on the left and the Australian 'Phantom Book' adaptation on the right ! On this occasion I actually prefer the page set up and layout of the Phantom edition as the title on the Falcon copy in my opinion is to heavy and over powers the art ! What do you think ?

16 - Now some art from Robert Stanley, twin digest books by Uni and Intimate, both changed dramatically the Uni cover showing menacing monster with claw hand approaching the terrified blonde and on the other the shocking whip in hand from the Intimate Novel cover. They both look fantastic and both books are real stunners !

17 - Here is a classic, same novel by Laura Hale (Fredric Lorenz) with the original art on the above left Falcon Version # 37 and the heavily revised art on the Phantom book version # 544 on the right, the Falcon art is by far the better version, but is interesting how the art is adapted from hayloft to room and adding a gangster with gun !

18 - Here are two tough books to find in good condition, took me a while to track them down but finally got em'. The same novel by Albert L. Quandt the first edition published by Original as 'Zip-Gun Angels' #721 (shown here) and # 735 at the re-titled 'Boy Crazy' , then when Original Novels changed name to Star Novels they published again under the title 'Boy Crazy' # 750 (shown above). Great art by Herb Tauss !

19 - Two great twin covers from Raymond Johnson, Tempting Tigress Carnival Books from 1952 and Hollywood Hellcat from 1957 on Star Novels . 

20 - Two leggy ladies from the brush of George Gross, both published by Quarter books and just subtle changes here, blonde to a redhead, skirt from blue to black and the bar has magically disapeared ........but she can't quit smoking !

21 - Vice-Cop + Twice Cop . The US version on Rainbow Book # 123 (left) shows our tough no nonsense cop 'Johnny Murdock', bare chested and ready to take on the crime of the dark city. While on the right the Australian Phantom Book # 529 he must be a bit chilly as he sports a lovely white T-shirt . Either way great art and dishy redhead hanging on his arm !

22 - Some Bewitched Passion ! Twins from Quarter and Carnival . 'Night Of Passion' Quarter Book # 40 and Carnival Book # 903 'Lovers Bewitched' Both written by Herman Irving Bloom using his pseudonyms John Caldwall and William E. Gordon. But look carefully the gent has gone from Brown hair to Black .

23 - Here we are with twins from Uni Books in 1952 and Intimate Novels from 1954, this time on this great photo cover just a simple zoom in and the fella is outta sight, making the 'Odd Girl' edition appeal to the Lesbian collectors. Simple but effective !

24 - Mystery Twin from Stork Novels, both 1950, but wholly different artwork !!! the B/w cover shows a National Books, Toledo, Ohio address on the rear cover and does not have the Stork colophon or number on the cover .......maybe a Canadian edition ? maybe art by L.B Cole as well on the left side copy ?

25 - Rainbow Book # 118 and Phantom # 541 get the twin treatment and as usual the Australian edition looks inferior to the US Rainbow copy, even a title change cannot save this Phantom book from 'Kiss Of Fire' to 'Kiss Of Death' and the badly copied artwork is poor at best . But I think you'll agree that it's interesting to see the two side by side and to understand the brilliance of the original art on the Rainbow edition.

26 - Well if ever there were two mirror reversed highly sought after books then I guess this would be the two ! Same model, same publisher 'Uni', both smoking a joint, both about a girl ......but one is about Marijuana and the other about gangs .....tut tut tut ....but brilliant !

27 - Quarter book meets Macfadden Books with superb art from George Gross . The blonde on the right now has much shorter hair but the creepy man in the mirror remains in both !

28 - Twin Intimate time with photo covers reversed and also her outfit has changed from yellow on 'Plaything' # 4 then to Green on the 'Janet Benson' cover # 17 least they kept her a blonde !

29 - Cameo and Carnival twins about a Hotel Waitress both books have the unmistakable George Gross artwork with that red hot blonde !

30 - Two Daggers for the pleasure (above) ! Falcon book # 30 - 1952 and Phantom Book # 530 - 1953 originally painted by Rudy Nappi for the Falcon edition and crudely copied a year later for the Aussie release. Two very rare books !

31 - Hoyden and Sinners .....two crackers from Croydon Books . Both drawn by Bernard Safran. The art cropped for the second release . Both written by Delmar Kingsland .


World Distributors Ltd from the UK were publishing in paperback form many titles from editions by Quarter, Exotic and Ecstasy. They were in most cases completely identical (apart from UK price 1/6) on every cover. Here are a few I have managed to track down.

1 - Great artwork by Fred Claude Rodewald in two lovely 'Unfaithful' forms, Digest Quarter Book # 22 in 1949 and just as gorgeous UK edition by World Distributors ca 1950.

2 - Again top art by Rodewald and again a reprint from the Quarter Book version # 26 - 1049 and the UK publication ca 1950 from WDL.

3 - Here we have  Ecstasy Novel 'Harlot In Her Heart' 03/1950 getting the UK World Distributor treatment ca 1951 and again the artwork has not suffered and remains strong and vibrant.

4 - This time we find Exotic Novel 06/1950 with art by George Gross twinned with it's UK twin in 'Three Men And A Mistress' ca 1951.

5 - UK twins again this time titled 'Frenchy' written by Harmon Bellamy (Harmon Irving Bloom) . The original US edition by Quarter Book # 39 (1949) and the UK World Distributor version from 1951. Art by Bill Wenzel.

6 - Twins this time written by Gerald Foster . Room & Dame on left Quarter Book #60 and the UK version from 1951. Both versions are just beautiful and the art is vibrant and damn fine IMO.

7 - Double 'Thrill Girl' this time, Exotic # Oct/1950 and World Distributor UK copy, both are superb and are just a thrill.

8 - Two Bed Time Girls are better than one ! and this Quarter Book # 19 and it's UK cousin look amazing .......stockings and a tight top ....what more do you need folks !

If you want more info on World Distributor Ltd publications I have put together a list of titles that I am aware of that are all reprints of the USA editions on this blog which you can find in the headings at top right.


Thought I would add a few Digest twin covers with a difference, these ones are from France and published by 'Les Romans Americains' (I will be doing a blog on this series from France very soon ) they are slightly inferior in style and in some case have been badly redrawn but none the less very interesting if you like that sort of me .

1 - Triple digest time !!! All art by Rudy Nappi , Here we get a Venus and Carnival editions.  The center one published by 'Les Romans Americains' # 5 titled 'En Voulez Vous ? Elle En A...'

2 - Bernard Safran gets the french treatment now, on the left is 'Croydon Book' # 59 'Scandals At A Country Club' and the 'Les Romans Americains' edition 'Jerry Fait De Scandale' # 48 both written by Bart Frame .

3 - Two red hot pieces of twin now, same novel by Ray Booth, on the left 'Flamme' published by Les Romans Americains # 36 and 'Red Hot' by Uni Romance Book # 2. The 'Red Hot' version is a photo and the French version has been crudely drawn !!!

4 - The fantastic art by Rudolph Belarski on the left above is 'Wild Girl' published by Cameo Books # 369 written by Lewis Dixon. The same book by Mr Dixon on the right is badly re drawn by someone under the title 'La Fugitive' again by 'Les Romans Americains' # 26 and he or she should be rightly ashamed of this work.....but it's interesting to see them together !

5 - Again here we have a case of great art being badly copied, both artists are unknown (the book on the right for obvious reasons). The first is the great 'Swamp Girl' by Perry Lindsay, published by Intimate Books # 11 and the other is 'La Fille Des Marais' by Les Romans Americains, same book, same art but the right one is so inferior in class !

6 - Bernard Safran now gets to suffer some poor copying. 'Two Timing Wife' by Joan Sherman (Peggy Gaddis) - Croydon Books # 32 and the French edition 'Le Guet-Apens' # 60 .

7 - Next up for some really poor twin treatment is Rudy Nappi, who if he was to see his art re created on the right would have probably blown a fuse !!! 'Farmer's Woman' by Venus Books # 172 & 'Une Fille Solitaire' by Les Romans Americains # 38 both written by Peggy Gaddis but only one drawn with care and love by Rudy Nappi !

8 - George Gross gets butchered by the French . On the left is 'Hotel Waitress' published by 'Cameo Books' # 360 and on the right 'Pas d'Homme A Elle' Les Romans Americains # 11. Both books written by Florence Stonebraker.

9 - Another twin from artist Rudy Nappi, on the left Cameo Book #304 'Naughty Blonde' and on the right a terrible re hash used on French digest books 'Les Romans Americains' # 51 - Une Blonde Du Tonnerre .

10 - This time same novel, same writer and the same art by Rudy Nappi. Left is 'Unfaithful' Venus Books # 142 (1952) and 'Infidele' published by Les Romans Americains in 1953.

11 - Nothing wrong with seeing this get two girls in bikini's ! the Cameo # 364 is a third edition by Amos Hatter and the French 'Les Romans Americains' edition # 46. Both books have stunning artwork by an unknown artist !

12 - For once, I actually quite like the French interpretation on this copy of 'Midnight Sinners' . On the left is 'Carnival Books' # 936 and on the right the 'Les Romans Americains' edition # 27 .

13 - 'Joy' has not changed too much from the Cameo Book #309 edition and the Les Romans version. Original art by George Gross.

14 - Cameo Book # 307 Sin Preferred gets a decent copy job done on The Les Romans cover 'Tout Pour Le Peche' the original art was by Rudy Nappi .

15 - This time it's Warren King art to get the French treatment here 'Uni Book' 30 over to 'Les Roman Americain' book # 30 ....and not a bad job either !

16 - Venus book # 144  'The Innocent Wanton' by Kermit Welles get the Paris treatment this time with mixed results. Les Soeurs Rivales does not quite have the impact as it's USA cousin !

17 - Venus Books again ......Night Nurse by David Charlson reprinted in France as 'Infermiere De Nuit' and the art is given some respect this time and is redrawn pretty well.

18 - Rudy Nappi gets the Romans Americains dodgy art treatment once again on number 68 'Trop De Fric' in 1957 and the original book originally published by Venus Books # 157 'Women's Doctor' in 1953.

19 - No secret here, as you can see two lovely books from Amos Hatter (James W. Lampp) . Cameo Book # 308 (left) and the Les Roman Americain copy # 20 .

20 - Another Cameo twin with art by an unknown painter. Crossroads of Desire by Amos Hatter . Cameo 1st edition # 312 and Les Roman Edition# 14 .

21- This time George Gross gets the twin treatment on this Ecstasy novel and with it's European neighbour by Les Romans gotta love an artist's model !

1 - Now some twins from the prolific Malinca publishers from Argentina. Here they have used the cover from 'Slave Girl' Falcon Book # 31 1952 for this Debora edition # 25 titled ' Una Noche En El Camino' from 1958.

2 - The Case Of The Cancelled Redhead 'Falcon Mystery Book' # 25 get a re-working this time from Argentina in both art and story .The novel titled 'La Pelirroja Asesinada' Pandora Book #9 translated is 'The Redhead Murdered ( The fella has a more distinctive South American look compared to the USA edition)

3 - This twin is on a par with the French publications 'Les Romans Americains', The fabulous 'Exotic' artwork for her first sin has been totally ripped off and ruined by the Malinca company, what were they thinking when they re-printed this one ! The only excuse they can have is that this is into 1959 and towards the end of the series (and it shows)

4 - Much better this time from Malinca with there straight copy of the art from 'Thrill Girl' by Gene Harvey. The story from the Debora novel is actually 'Whip-Hand' from Falcon Book # 40 ! but this title translates as 'Hatred Between Sisters' ! all very very confusing !

5 - More twin covers from Argentina with a straight art and novel copy of Bryce Walton's ' The Long Night' originally published by Falcon Books as # 42 in 1952 . This Pandora copy is from 1956.

6 - This time the classic 'Harlot In Her Heart' by Norman Bligh. Here we have triple the fun. First we have Ecstasy Novels from the USA, then the UK Paperback edition by WDL and finally the Argentinian Debora edition , the artwork is unknown but truly great .

7 - Ecstasy Novel #17 1951 again gets a straight copy from USA to Argentina into the Malinca edition ....hey two hot redheads are better than one !

8 - Above is the Rainbow classic 'Seven Hungry Men' # 121 (1952) and Pandora # 41 (1958) both with superb art by George Gross .

9 - Double 'Junkie' and double the blonde ! The incredibly rare Falcon Book edition # 36 and the Malinca Pandora edition # 5 (also rare rare rare), both copies written by Jonathon Craig. With fantastic art by Ketor Seach.

10 - Above are twins with a dress makeover ! , maybe the Malinca publishers in Argentina  thought the ladies outfit (Ecstasy Novel 'A Body To Own' ) was a tad to risque and gave her a slightly less reveling white top !

11 - Twin Ecstasy and Pandora editions, Smoking Doris has gone from blonde to redhead ' Ecstasy Novel' # 14/1951 and Malinca Pandora # 51 (1959)

12 - This time it's a Rainbow / Debora mash up with great art by George Gross getting the twin makeover . Moment Of Rapture - Rainbow # 104 and Pegame Fuerte - Malinca Debora # 4.

13 - Twins for Falcon Book # 23 'Mabel & Men' and Malinca Debora book # 37 from 1959 and again the fella gets a more south American makeover in the Argentine edition.

14 - Falcon Books # 24 and Pandora # 44 from Argentina give us two versions of a red hot smokin' blonde. Art is un credited but is by Howell Dodd.

15 - Two Lida Lynn's, two red heads, two different authors, two different publishers but two great looking books. Falcon Book # 27 & Debora # 11.

16 - Another twin from Falcon and Pandora , Sweet Savage # 38 and Pandora 'La Novia Escarlata' # 14, both written by Norman A. Daniels one as his pseudonym Mark Reed. 

17 - Falcon get another Malinca twin this time with art from 'Whip-Hand' # 40 by Hodge Evens and Pandora # 42 by Ricky Drayton. 

18 - This smoking hot blonde get the twin treatment from Argentina and pretty rare as the books are actually one and the same, written by Mark Reed (AKA Norman A. Daniels) with art work by Howell Dodd.

19 - Another blonde amazing twin from Falcon and Pandora and again the novel and artwork are one and the same in both editions. Written by David Wade (Norman A. Daniels) with unknown artist (possibly Howell Dodd)

20 - Two smoking hot blondes from Rainbow Book # 107 and Pandora # 43 . The art is a direct copy of the original by Howell Dodd.

21 - Time to 'Play Rough' with these two dangerous redheads ! Again a direct copy of the Rainbow Book # 113 original used on the Pandora Book # 22.

22 - Another smoking redhead (above) gets the USA/Argentine twin treatment. The Falcon edition # 33 by Hodge Evens and the Debora book # 10 . The Howell Dodd art is a direct copy .

23 - There will be no sleeping with this twin honey. The Rainbow book # 110 and the Debora # 13 are a pair of great looking twins !

24 - What is worse one sexy woman smoking in a hayloft or two ? well it's a health a safety nightmare for us all but wow what a twin nightmare ! 'Woman Hunter' Falcon Book #37 and Malinca Pandora Book # 11.

25 - Twin heaven with 'Girls Out Of Hell' on the left published by Falcon as # 28 and it's Argentinian sister cover (but with different story by James Clayford) Malinca Debora Book # 1. Art unknown but me thinks by Howell Dodd.

26 - Back to Rainbow this time with 'Her Candle Burns Hot' by Hodge Evens and it's South American twin by Debora # 2 .....same great art, same sexy strawberry blonde and same story within.

27 - Falcon Books again # 34 on left and the Pandora edition by Malinca (Argentina) , same cover art but strangely another story by Michael Storme and not by Norma Dann (Norman A. Daniels)

28 - Now two wonderful twins with art by George Gross . Rainbow # 130 and Pandora # 12 . Two different authors, two different countries but one great piece of artwork.

29 - Possible Howell Dodd artwork on this Thrill Girl double 'Rainbow Book' # 101 hot smoking blonde is more than likely taking this poor guy for a ride in more ways than one !!!!!!!

30 - Menacing man at the door about to seduce buxom brunette gets the Rainbow/Malinca treatment , at least they kept her dress the same colour !!!

31 - Again two great books with art by George Gross. Exotic Novel # 14 from the USA & Malinca Debora with a totally different novel by Lew Della called 'Temptation' 

Twin Digests and Superior Romance Comics .

1 - Falcon Book # 24 (Above) on the left has been rather crudely copied here on the cover of Romance Comic 'My Secret Marriage' published by Superior Comics in 1953.

2 - Cameo book 'Hotel Waitress' with lovely art by George Gross gets the Superior comic rip off treatment in this unashamedly crude twin copy with various changes .

3 - Superior comics strike again, this time completely ripping off the superb art on the cover of 'Original Novel' On Borrowed Love by Amos Hatter .

Right , there you have it , some great twin art and some slightly inferior twin art, but either way I think you'll agree very interesting. I am always looking for these twin covers and are always worth getting (even the French ones by Les Romans are cool in their own way).

Next time it 'Cameo Books' ...... a very long list of great books and art ! 

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