Monday, 7 April 2014

Stallion & Fiesta Books !

OK, here we are again, just a short blog today on two very underrated and pretty scarce book companies Stallion and Fiesta, they both had a very limited run and I would guess not very successful during their short print life. A mix of photo and art covers, some reprints from other companies like Uni & Intimate Books but what you cannot deny is that there are some right crackers to be found within these superb books.

Lets start with Stallion and where the book has been reprinted from another book company it will be listed after the author and as before a 'P' will denote a photo cover.......

Stallion Books.
Stallion Books - Colophon

201 - Hill billy In High Heels - Jeff Bogar (UNi Books # 65)

202 - Male Virgin - Jack Woodford/John B.THompson (Uni Books # 67)
203 - Three Bad Girls - Steve Harragan (Uni Books # 57)
204 - Marijuana Girl (P) - N.R. De Mexico 
205 - Tramp Girl - Thomas Stone (Florence Stonebraker) (Intimate Books #27)
206 - The Queer Sisters - Steve Harragan (Uni Books # 43)
The Queer Sisters # 206

207 - Miami Widow - Gene Harvey .
208 - Strange Circle - Gale Sydney (Intimate Books #49
Strange Circle # 208
209 - Ship's Doctor - Henry Lewis Nixon (Intimate Books #51)

210 - Gutter Star - Dorine B.Clark (Intimate Books #52)
Gutter Star # 210

211 - Trailer Camp Girl - Doug Duperrault (Intimate Books #56)

212 - Side-Show Girl - Steve Harragan (Uni Books #42)
Side-Show Girl # 212 

213 - Reefer Club (P) - Luke Roberts (Uni Book #49)
214 - Another Mans Wife - Margaret Carruthers (Uni Books #59)

215 - Smuggled Sin (P) - Steve Harragan (Uni Books #46)
Smuggled Sin # 215

216 - Cracker Girl - Harry Whittington (Uni Books #58 different cover art)

So as you can see I own seven Stallion books, they just don't show up that often and the more collectable titles like 'Cracker Girl', Reefer Club', 'Marijuana Girl' and 'The Queer Sisters' will go for top prices when they do.

OK, now for Fiesta Novels.......more sleaze but only 6 titles in the series.

Fiesta Novels.

Fiesta Novels ran from numbers 1 to 6 and as far as I can work out were all original stories. Published by the 'Rio Publishing Company' out of New York City. So from an original 'never before published' stand point, they are very hard to find, I own five myself (just need # 2) and have only seen one other go up for auction in the years I have been trying to get more.

Short list time and as you will see some new writers, three photo covers denoted with the usual (P) and the other three were's 1952's Fiesta time !

1 - Strip-Tease Girl (P) - Cal Anton.

2 - Ask For Therese (P) - Evans Wall.
3 - Love Fetish - Evans Wall.

4 - The Lady Was A Tramp (P) - Nick Baroni.

5 - Television Tramp - Evans McNight .
Fiesta # 5 - Art by George Geygan
6 - Unwanted Wife - Ben Smith.
Unwanted Wife # 6 - Art by Warren King.

Well that was a short list ! but still packed with some nice books, if you see a copy, buy it.

Next time it will be the much longer list of the fantastic Venus Books .

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