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Diversey Romance/Popular Novels !

Diversey Romance / Popular Novels!

Diversey Romance Novels.

Reform School Girl # 1 - Felice Swados - 1948.

Reform School Girl # 1

Reform School Girl (back)

Extremely rare book that finally made it into my collection after many years of searching for it at the right price!

The cover and story behind this book make it of interest to Pulp/Digest/ Sleaze collectors. The fact that the Father of the Canadian skater Marty Collins (seen on photo cover) took Diversey Publishing Corporation to court for using the image and for deformation of character and won! causing the publisher to excise the first page of text from this and all further volumes (the first page is missing from my book) but there are other copies that have the first page intact (these are very, very rare)

Diversey Popular Novels!

Broadway Virgin # 1 - Lois Bull - 1949

Broadway Virgin # 1

Broadway Virgin (Back)

Another Diversey novel under the 'Popular' banner. Again with photo model on cover but this time no court case against the publishing company. Quite a rare book on it's own and still pretty racy for 1949!

Diversey Prize Novels!

Love For Sale # 5 - John Wilstach - 1949

Love For Sale # 5

Love For Sale (Back cover)

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