Friday, 15 May 2020

Paladin Press UK

Paladin suspense mystery books were UK reprints of USA paperbacks & Digest books. They were sold under the banner 'Yankee Books American Thrillers' and were dated circa 1953/54.

And as usual with UK publications there are no numbers to be found so will list the titles as they were written in the inside pages.

I only own two titles but have added images to the list that was included in the pages of Mrs. Homicide & Wake Up To Murder!

1 - Mrs. Homicide - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt).

Art by Norman Saunders

2 - Wake Up To Murder (1952) - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)

Back cover

3 - Savage Love - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)
Art by Rudolph Belarski

4 - Married To Murder - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)

5 - Hunt The Killer - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
6 - Farewell To Passion - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
7 - Naked Fury - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
8 - Strange Witness - Day Keene (Gunnard Hjerststedt)
9 - Zip-Gun Angels - Albert L. Quandt
10 - Baby Sitter - Albert L. Quandt
11 - Violent Night - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)
12 - Slayride For A Lady - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)

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